What is sharing a post?



By the way what three lines do you mean the three dots

Never mind I found it


testing this is the link


testing once more


test link


Sharing A Post


Guys, guys, guys guysguysguysguys

The idea is that you share that link on a different website and get people to visit here. :persevere:

The point of the badge is not to post internal links (what's even the point of that?) but to attract new people from the outside world and expose them to the awesomeness of Hopscotch!

Getting a badge
How do you get the first share badge?

Oh that makes sense @codinghorror but let's just make sure it's not a link from a inappropriate place with inappropriate people (sometimes YouTube)

Btw can I go on the discorse forums and post it there?


sharing a post? 202020202020202020


I did it! sharing a post

What does that mean?


enter link description here


I tried it.


Is this sharing a post?


That's quoting. Sharing a post is using a link.



How do you do that? I'm so confused!


Tap the chain button. Copy the link. Paste it.


I did!!! Is This it? http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/what-is-sharing-a-post/312/34?u=smileyalyssa



I pasted a link onto a different website. Not showing. Hmm