What is scratch?


What is scratch? I hear people talking about it on hopscotch but I'm not sure what it is.


Scratch is an amazing programming website for computers where amazing ga,Es can be made.


Cool! I'm gonna check it out.:sunglasses:


Scratch is an online coding Website made by MIT. I would consider this the next step after Hopscotch.


It's similar to Hopscotch in that you drag and drop blocks of code to make games as well :smiley:


I have this on my computer, but one thing to note though, it might be more confusing to use compared to hopscotch as there more blocks and stuff that you won't understand.

P.s. I myself have it, but after years of using it, it's so difficult to use.


it is a coding site, and it got me into hopscotch. on there, i am codestuff.


Ok! I will keep this in mind


I love scratch you can make multiplayer games like minecraft with cloud data! And also share projects and check me out I am quinnd2006


I actually like scratch better than hopscotch, though they're both good!


I have scratch I haven't stated it yet though but it Is like hopscotch
edit: now on scratch just finally logged in lol im


I <3 scratch, slightly more complex than hopscotch, but with more creative license than hopscotch for multiple reasons, 1: you can make your own custom sprites, down to 1 pixel, without an emoji, and 2: cloud variables, lists, operators, and 20,000,000,000x if blocks, you can place a when inside of them (also I'm doing my best to translate, hopscotch when=scratch sensing/that brown block that I forgot the name of and can't find out 'cause I'm using my iPad for this 3: larger and more advanced community, people who have been programming as a job are on scratch (search griffpatch, he's awesome) people are able to make near exact replicas of professional games, a few examples include scrtacharia (terraria on scratch), Agar.io, FNAF 1, 2, 3, and soon 4, super Mario 1, 2, and 3, Legand of Zelda 1... and soooo many more, these are projects that have already made and I have personally players, and are 100% exact replicas, but don't be intimidated by these games, it's actually just hopscotch with about 20 more blocks


20,000,000,000x better if blocks xp


Anyway, I just got an account, though I've played and coded (without saving) on scratch for about a year, I never made an account. Now I have one. My username is Lightningwing
Lightning is cool. A lot of my usernames have the word 'lightning' in them


I. Friendship2468 on scratch.


I Love griffpatch too he is awesome


Yeah he's actually pretty cool.


I love his agar.io i play so much and i love to eat cells lol


hey is this you this is your about me. hi! im Lightningwing. i LOVE warriors cats. They are awesome! i also love the color pink.


i made a studio for hopscotchers on scratch here is the link https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/1723430/