What is Roleplay (RP)?


roleplay (rp) is a kind of a game that some people like to play on hopscotch. I'm in one, and in my rp people included (anyone who wants to be in it) take turns adding paragraphs to a project saying what happens next. you get to make up your ROLE, and then PLAY as them. (roleplay). Feel free to write your opinion on roleplay, announce a new roleplay, or ask a question. * can pretty much answer any question about roleplay, *You can also tell me on the app hopscotch. My username is Drew Studios.

Whats a Role play?

I don't mean to upset anybody, but I'm not so fond of RP. At least not on Hopscotch. There are many places you can do RP, but Hopscotch is for projects. People can do whatever they want, but in my opinion, Hopscotch should be flooded with games and art, not roleplaying.


i see what you mean, that's what I think about chatrooms. But there aren't nearly as many roleplay in hopscotch.


I really don't like role play on hopscotch, I feel the same about it as I do with chat rooms. Role play just ruins the whole point of hopscotch.


I'm fine with role play, as long as it has code in it. I rather people be doing other things like games and art! :wink:


What about using the roleplay to code a movie? Like if someone posts the next paragraph, the next person to see it can use the Hopscotch characters to act it out.


That would be fine, but a lot of fighting comes from this.