What is rising?


This may seem weird


it's never updated regularly

Is it like most liked

Or most played

Or most remixed?


It's for the projects that aren't quite feature worthy, but they're almost there! These tend to be a little bit more simple than those you see on featured, and THT hand picks them, they're not based on likes or plays! :D


Rising is for projects that are super good but not enough to be featured!
THT chooses risings! I got a rising once, work hard and you could get a rising! Or get another!


What is it?
Nobody knows

Nobody knows


So featured with projects that are simple



But still are really cool!


Just like @Murphy1 made the smile generator
It was fun but simple!




Yeah, kind of!
The Hopscotch team puts projects in Rising that they think are really good, and almost good enough for Featured! They're generally more simple and have less code than Featured projects! :D
Rising helped me get noticed! One of my first projects was put on Rising, and it motivated me! I had never received so many likes before, and it showed that some people liked my work, so it pushed me to code more! :D


Why am I always too late :joy:?

Work hard and you could get there too @HopedHoper :wink:

I did so you can too! :smiley:


hay guys im star kids sister how u be?


why i look like MattyB???


idk what is rising do you guys know???


Nope. Never got one ;-;


Dun worry, it can take a while of hard working! :3 @Niftynia75!


I love how I've gotten A Trending, And about 3 features (On different acc's) but I have gotten a rising


Lol, I guess your projects are just too gud for trending :D @Niftynia75
becuase they are!


Ty senpai!

Ow I've been sitting for too long so I decided to stretch and now I'm in pain



Omg I'm so sorree senpai that must be painful ;-;


Ughhhhhhh not having the best day meh.

*jumps off cliff of shame