What is rising really for?


I was reading that the rising was for people who didn't have the opportunities to be on Featured, but the projects were very cool and interesting.

But, not too long ago, I was on Rising, and it didn't make any sense to me since I've been Featured a ton... I've noticed other well known Hopscotchers on the channel as well.

Do you know why?


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Probably they meant that rising is that the person's code is good or complex and it makes a lot of sense, then they put the project on rising


The Hopscotch Team does not put it on rising, they only do it if it is on featured. They are aumiactly put on Rising if it has 25 - 95 likes or something like that m8.


They do update rising. It's not like trending. If that were to be the case, then half of my projects would be stuck on there.


I should be on rising


I've heard that rising is for projects that are fun and interesting and made by hopscotchers you have never heard of before


yes but PurpleHawk was on rising, Kiwicute2015 was and me, are you sure it is for hopscotchers you have never heard of?


I tought rising was for projects that got a lot of likes or plays in a short amount of time. But not enough to be on trending.


I thought is was for projects that deserved recognition, but weren't good enough to be Featured or be on Trending.


Maybe not. But I've never been in rising and plenty of people heard of me so.....


I think that rising begins to cover what I would like to be happening in Hopscotch: A very thick bank of high quality projects to play, so there is always a new one for tomorrow. Featured, I don't think is updated very often, same but even less for rising, but at least there are more than one channel for this kind of stuff.


Maybe you have to have your project on Rising, then it probably moves to Featured? I did see on a loading screen that no project can be on Rising and Featured at the same time.


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I think rising is, when your project so very well laid out, THT likes your project.