What is required for a new feature to be added in Hopscotch?

Just out of curiosity, what are the requirements in order for anything to be added into hopscotch?


It’s a good question.

Some of the features in Hopscotch are informed by research on computer science ideas, some from other languages, others are just quality of life.

The main limitation at the moment is that we have a small team size (but we are looking to grow). So it can limit the features that we can get to, in a certain amount of time, though there is a lot we want to add and that we know users would love to have as well β€” and some of those have been added at later points.

I guess if a feature improves the coding experience for users or exposes them to powerful ideas in computing, it is pretty worthy for consideration. The main limit is just having resources to get to everything and it means prioritising different features at different points.

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Oh wow ok thank you very much for clarifying then! :blush:


No worries :smiley:

I have something to add. On the topic of prioritisation, the other factors that come into play include these:

  • How many projects would benefit from these changes, and how often would it be used?

    • If a feature would be used a lot, it would have higher prioritisation
  • Is the change dependent on another feature existing?

  • How difficult is it to implement these changes?

    • A bigger change that requires more time and development work might be set for later down the track

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