What is read time? And how do I become regular?


So, I was looking at my summary, and I saw read time. I didn't know what it meant, so I'm asking you guys. Does this have to do with getting the regular badge? Please help. @Liza @Rodrigo @thomas @system @asha @Gilbert189 @Dude73 @Rawrbear @Zachyswag @everyone @AmiiboTrash @CodePerfect @FoodDelivery @Fox @PotatoLover3 @LazyLizard @Intellection74 @KVJ


Also, here is a picture of my summary:


Read time is the amount of time you have read posts.

If you through a topic, and then five more seperartly, it'll contribute to your read time.



Very soon.


How soon? And are you basing this off of the picture?


I don't understand! XD


Read time is how long you've been reading topics on the forum.

Reading lots of topics quickly won't necessarily mean a higher read time than one topic slowly.


So say you have been on the forum for 1/2 an hour reading stuff

The next da you log on for ten minutes and read

The next day you long onto and read for two hours in the morning and three in the afternoon

That would be five hours and forty minutes worth of reading.

Let's say this sums up to twenty four hours. Your read time would be a day because if you read EVERYTHING you have ever read on the forum t the exact same rate, it would take you a day.


You should be regular. I wonder why you are not...


I should be? Everyone, tag in @Liza so she can fix this!

  1. Please use the official OMTL.

  2. Read time is HOW much time you have read posts all together.


Off topic, but isn't Friday a school day, so shouldn't you be at school?


You can just email her. It'll be quicker and fuss free.