What is power? How do you calculate it?


Hi!! In this topic,we talk about power,also known as exponents. I SBYP,and didn’t find any other topic like this. So if there is,pls tell me!
Ok,now back to our topic.
what is power??
it basically tells us to multiply a number a couple of times. For example,10 to the power of 2 means that 10x10. If it was 10 to the power of three,it would be 10x10x10. You can say that this is a short way of multiplying. They are written as-n^n.


Uh…ok? But I am talking about exponents


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Cool topic! I know a little about exponents, and it is called “exponenter” in Swedish (just a fun fact).


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@Aariv, my dear, how is this related to Hopscotch?



There are exponents in hopscotch, and many people don’t know how to use them.


Ah, yes.

Would you be able to make a tutorial? If you know how to use them, of course.


But someone already made a tutorial.


Wait, really? Where?


Read the top post.


Oh, right. Sorry to bother you.


Nice topic! I just learned exponents this year in school. I also learned factorials, which is written like 2! (No there is literally an exclamation point at the end). It would be 2 times any number before it. This time it’s 2x1. But it could be 5x4x3x2x1 for 5.


Thanks! I like math,and discovered that exponents are easy. So I decided to make this topic


Math is my favortite subject. And I don’t like language arts, so that would be my least favorite.