What is "Popularity"?


Ah, yes.

Another topic, almost like a sequel!

Okay, this topic will focus on popularity, what it is, and why we value it.

Please answer the questions below as honestly as you can!

1- What even is "popularity"?

2- Why do we crave it?

3- How do you get it?

4- Do we need it?

5- Why do we need to know if we have it?

6- Why is it treated as an item? (Why is it treated as if you can have large amounts of it, or have none?)

Thanks for reading! I hope to see some great opinions!

Also, I do realize that "popularity" topics exist, but I think that this is a different style, and a different message!





the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.

"he was forced to step down as mayor despite he's popularity

I guess we crave it cuz we want to be admired, we want to be supported!

Uh.... you get it by being nice, in real life maybe being good looking?

No, we don't need it!


Idk the last know! :joy:


I personally don't believe in popularity because it is something easily lost and hard to gain.


Though I answer none of the questions, I answer all of them in one simple thought:

There is no such thing as popular people, only well-known people. If you're popular, you have no haters, but everyone has a hater.


Well said!

  1. What is popularity? Basically, it's when people like your projects, then on each project, you get way more likes than you used to!
  2. Why do we crave it? It's a natural human instinct we've had from the dawn of time: attention. The more attention we get, the more we crave it, and when we drop in popularity or if someone else replaces theirs, jealousy comes to its place.
  3. How do you get it? Attention. It is most commonly shared through likes and follows on Hopscotch.
  4. Do we need it? Actually, the answer is sometimes yes. It helps you stay motivated. But if you're the person that doesn't really care about the amount of attention you receive, then no, you don't need it.
  5. Why do we need to know if we have it? Again, like I described on question 2, you want attention, and what's the point of attention if you don't know that you have it? And also, like on question 4, it helps you stay motivated.
  6. Why is it treated as an item? Popularity is measured as the amount of attention pointed towards your stuff. That's an item, not a single person. A person doesn't always like all of your projects, they first check to see if it's good, then they like it!

I hope I get likes on this post!

Just kidding! Oh, the irony! XD


1- What even is "popularity"?
Being known by a lot of people
2- Why do we crave it?
We want to be known, famous, want attention, etc...
3- How do you get it?
Work hard, make appealing projects, and be kind to others!
4- Do we need it?
Depends. Popular people are role models, but we don't always need popular people
5- Why do we need to know if we have it?
I don't understand this one.
6- Why is it treated as an item? (Why is it treated as if you can have large amounts of it, or have none?)
Because it's easy to say it in that way. Even though it's a concept, like health, it's easy to understand if we put it into an object.


1- What even is "popularity"? How well-known you are.

2- Why do we crave it? Hard... because you want people to notice you for the hard work you put into your projects, I guess.

3- How do you get it? Kick yourself off with a feature and then share your talent. That's what I did.

4- Do we need it? NO. It's something that can tear us apart. I speak from experience.

5- Why do we need to know if we have it? I honestly don't know.

6- Why is it treated as an item? (Why is it treated as if you can have large amounts of it, or have none?) Because... because.
This made me think!


For question 5, I was asking why people feel the need to ask if they are "popular". :wink:

Also, the "To Gilberto" doc, please.



TO THE DOC!!! :slight_smile:


Popularity is a persons dream they will do anything yo get popular it's such a craving because with it everyone likes you and you get more friends

  1. popularity is an illusion cast by society that labels people who have a large fan base or likability

  2. We crave it because we want complete strangers to think and say wow, this person is so cool, I want to be their friend because my friends, popularity is the greatest of rulers.

  3. We get it by pleasing society with our talents or our personality.

  4. Probably not, but popular people are good for publicizing. That can be good or bad.

  5. To rank ourselves. There's always a good feeling we have whenever we beat someone and we've triumphed over them.

  6. Because some view it as an item. It is actually a nice metaphor. Think of popularity as an abundant treasure. It is passed around in unfair amounts. People get jealous of this treasure. The people who have gained a lot of the treasure are willing to give it up to others, but the other people with lesser amounts of it start developing hatred and view the treasure as a measure of our worth. When really the treasure wasn't even gold, it was pyrite.


1) Being liked or admired by many people (not famous, which means well-known)
2) Because we want attention and to be liked and admired
3) You can't, unless remixes, follows, feedback, projects inspired by you, and likes are sincere
4) Nope, as long as you don't live on them
5) Look at 2)
6) Because it's in the "thing" category of nouns
6) Because people think popularity == fame, and both are measured by an amount (although many can be one)
I don't get why people think fame == popularity….


1- What even is "popularity"?
I don't care.
2- Why do we crave it?
Because people.
3- How do you get it?
Do I look popular to you?
4- Do we need it?
BIG FAT NO! I feel like I'm in a giant competition to get noticed and my best friend is winning. I'm a bit of a sore lo.ser tbh.
5- Why do we need to know if we have it?
So you can know why famous people sometime acknowlege you.
6- Why is it treated as an item? (Why is it treated as if you can have large amounts of it, or have none?)
Because People do. Did you know that we can swallow spiders in our sleep? you probably did.





the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.

We crave it because when we see others who are popular, we naturally want to be the same.

There are a few ways. Being friends with others who are popular is one.

No. What we need is food, water, clothing, and shelter.

Again, we want it. Therefore, we ask others if we have acquired it.

I'm not sure.

okay everyone, who wants to learn about chitea?

Honestly, I have said I don't care about popularity. And in real life, I don't. I'm not that kind of person. I have few friends who respect me, and just in general not many friends. And I don't care about that. Not one bit. However, on Hopscotch, I do want to be popular. Every popular Hopscotcher gets support, and recognition, and they're asked for help. As a very insecure person who has no self esteem, I want to be supported. I want people to be there to catch me when I fall. I was bullied for three years straight and was told that to be anyone, for people had to care about me and like me, I had to be "popular", when that isn't true. A lot of bad things have happened to a lot of people, but nobody really cares unless they're popular. And that's why I want popularity.


I have a hater but I don't really care.


And popularity feels good so that's why most people want it, most people crave it! Even I want it. :wink: But I think other people and I should start focusing on coding! Code on peeps!


Thanks for creating this topic! I really need some of these answers! :grimacing: I was wondering these things too, and I don't really know the answer. But I have something to say about 2.

2- Why do we crave it?
I don't know. Personally, I don't crave it. I like doing what I do, without thinking about how other people think of me. Popularity is just something I don't like to think about. I've gotten more "Well known" in the last few months, and honestly, I don't like it. There is many reasons why I don't crave popularity, and I really don't want to list them all :disappointed:


what is popularity?
popularity if you Saearch it on a Dictionary it will say popularity is when you are famous and a lot of people likes you! For hopscotch I think it is when you've been in trending or futures and lot of hopscotcher start to follow you or like your projects daily and you will go on trending like every time you publish a project phew that was long.....
why do we crave it?
(More coming now I am sleeping)