What is Pokémon Go?



Real question. How does it work?


Hi! I know how it works, but all questions here must be related to hopscotch. This isn't related! I know you're new, so it's ok! Just remember that for next time!


Pokemon go is an app where you can catch Pokemon on your device in the real world using your GPS location :wink:

Also remember to be related to hopscotch :wink: because this is the hopscotch forum :D


Oh oops. I just started today. I didn't know you weren't supposed to post non-Hopscotch related stuff. Sorry.


If you need more detailed info, there are a ton of pages on the web that you can use rather than asking a question on here.


It's OK, everyone makes mistakes, BTW welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, just tab me like this, "@EP125", remember to always be kind, and only talk about Hopscotch related things!


I realize that now... I just like looking where I know everything will be nice.


What's your hopscotch username? I want to check you out!


@KittyCatGirl2016 this isn't related to hopscotch. Try to edit it and make it related!


My username is KittyCatGirl2016


I know I made this before I realized stuff on here had to be related to Hopscotch. The other forums I've seen before are for anything so I got confused.