What is pi day?



Everyone has been talking about pi day and I don't know what it means! Can anyone tell me? This keeps happening and I don't know what pi day is and I really want a answer


Pi is a never ending, non repeating number. It's about 3.14. Today, Pi Day, is 3/14. Hence Pi Day!

Eat some pie :slight_smile:


Pi is an awesome non relpearing, non ending number that starts with "3.14". Because today is March 14th, it is 3/14, which ar the first numbers of Pi!


Pi is...

3.14159267BlahBlahBlah I forget the rest!


Yep! It never ends!

I know only about 800 digits.


I know 10...


Actually @tankt2016 3.14159267


My friends are teaching me :smiley:
3.14159235658979 and I vaguely know the next 4


See I know 5!


Another way to represent pi is 22/7


That's actually inaccurate. :wink:

Sorry if I'm the one who ruined it... :grimacing:


And how is that?


on pi day it's such a glorified number, but when you get to Geometry at school, every day is pi day
Trust me, I'm in 6th Grade advanced math and Geometry is horrible


It's the closest improper fraction... Unless you use decimals


Thanks! I kind of understand now...what's so exiting?


We're in 3rd and homeschooled. Now BOT


It's a day where everyone eats pie and celebrates a number. And pie.

(Look for pi-related deals and freebies, too. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Every year for pi day our school ships trucks of pies to our school to eat. Rhubarb, Apple, blueberry, pecan, raspberry


LI is 3.14... And today is March 14th last year was one of the rarest pic days because it was 3.1415 which is more pi


Here's what I know: 3.14159265358979323646264338327950238