What is on topic, and off topic


I see ALOT of topics

That our off topic, so I made this for people can see whats is! You can also link people to this! You can suggest stuff to me and ill add them, or ask to remove one :wink:

What is related-

  • Coding
  • Other coding langues
  • Hopscotch (duh)
  • Scratch
  • Hopscotch Youtube
  • Python
  • Game maker
  • Coding langues
  • General Topics

What is not -

  • Tech (Thats not coding)

Thats all I can think of. Please suggest more, im willing to update this as often as I can :D


I think general topics are related, and other games that have nothing to do with coding count as off topic


Tech is allowed on one topic though.


I know.

But it also has coding!




The "what should I name my infected ingrown toenail" topics.

aka the off-topic topics like that and I clearly didn't get that off a FUDZ video ;)


Umm... I know know what your talking about but I dont know how to word it xD


I dont even know anymore. I think that now, you may litterally make a topic about anything except personal stuff.


Yea.... I hate how stuff is sliding so easily. This is kinda a thing to stop it I guess?


The forum is also related...


General topics are so that off topicness stays in a topic so it doesnt annoy peeps with 'off-topic'ness in other topics.