What is my best project?


So, I've lost inspiration.

So, tell me your favorite past project I've made! Include why you like it. This is to help me know what you guys liked and hopefully become inspired again.


I just saw the other topic "What's my best project?", and I'm not copying. I was actually making this topic as they posted theirs. :sweat_smile:



The Wood Carver!

That is my favorite project of yours!


That illusion thing was SO COOL!


Most people are going to say the wood carver, but Here's My favorite!


I think Egg Game v2.0 is my favorite! :D

I like it because it's rlly creative and the graphics are really welcome done!
I like seeing what the name of the chick is :D

I hope you get your inspiration back!


Here are my top three! (Because picking favorites is hard. XD)

  • I absolutely loved your Wood Carver, both versions of it! It was innovative, creative, and fun! The graphics were :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:, and it was just a very grabbing game. It allowed for people to show creativity, but in a totally different way!
  • I really liked your Egg Game! The graphics were again, amazing (and so adorable I love the little chick), and it was cool to see what it generated the names and colors as!
  • Your trail art (the eye and hedgehog) were really cool (and cute)! The code is innovative and clever, and I know I couldn't have done that.

I hope you find inspiration! :D
And naturally, I probably wrote way more than what you were looking for. XD
Sorry about that. XD


Me too! I LOVE the wood carver. Such a great idea, it is SO COOL!!


I love the cactus and the hedgehog, and surprisingly, the particle square. Let me look some more.


Wait, never mind, it's this.


I really like your Wood Carver Project (XD), as well as your lanscape generators :D
That actually made me want to do another lanscape generator...


I legitimately cannot decide Senpai Gilbert(o)