What is MY best project? How to improve?


Hello! I saw some people do this so I want to do this!

In this topic, you will tell me MY best project and why!
You can also tell me how to improve!

You can be harsh!
Have fun!

Also if you don't know my Hopscotch username it is



So any improvements or favorite project?


Keep being awesome Senpai plez and quacks


Thank you!

What about my projects? Any improvement? Or do you like any of my projects?



I'm not the best at feedback - particularly just from memory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any specific projects you want me to have another look at?


What about this one?


That was my Graffti Draw

I worked really hard on it and no one noticed lolz


I think it's pretty cool! I like how it changes in Hue and Saturation according to Y positioning!

And are you calling me a nobody? :worried: