What is MagmaPOP off for?



he might have gone the whole time.. or not! lets find out... well, go ahead and coment! X :blush:


MagmaPOP left months ago...


I think he is gone.

He is probably getting ready for collage.


no, he left 6 weeks ago :slight_smile:


i think he said hes off for the summer.. but idk.


He never said that.

Where do people get these rumors?


just, i want to know your versions.


Well, that means he probably left 2 months ago! c:

One month= 3-4 weeks! c:
And he left 7 weeks ago. :slight_smile:


meh, he just said that on hopscotch then.


I thought he was only 14...


Nope. I'm sorry. But please, no one knows the reason MagmaPOP left.

Now I don't think we should be talking about him.


Perhaps he went to help Nintendo make Pokemon Go?



hes older than Kiwicute2O16 ok?


He's 15.

Wait so no not collage.

Maybe prepping.


Or maybe he actually is going to college.

There was an 11 year old on AGT who is going to college so it could be a possibility.


Who knows, he probaly is graduating highschool soonish.


If he's 14, he's just going into high school now...


He is 15.


Ok, then he's 1 year into high school, or he could even be going in now.


He is 13 I think.