What is it with the kahoots


i thought the forum was supposed to be hopscotch related..........................


To be fair I've wondered this myself. Idk what they are or how they work or how they're related...


i think you like get an account and i think you can chat and you answer a bunch of questions by other players.


These Kahoots/Quizizzes are Hopscotch ones. There's no chat or anything like that. :slight_smile:


Kahoots and Quizzizes are really fun and its nice competition xD

Its related to Hopscotch and cool


A kahoot is a fun way to answer questions and compare your results with others,and all kahoots that people make are Hopscotch ones,as @Rawrbear said.Is fun and you can have a good time!


We should do HS Kahoots!

We did one is science today and some crazy kid stayed on and trolled the next class. The computer autocorrects his name to random things like "Faucet" lol


yeah but...how is it hopscotch related? i dont get it.


You make quizzes, essentially, about Hopscotch; the questions are HS-related, and you answer them.

I prefer Quizziz, as Kahoot doesn't let you see the question.


There was an article on why they don't show you the questions, like I think they're supposed to make you more engaged with the class or something! But if we all can't be in the same room, Quizziz would be better.


Yeah, I agree.

time to continue makin' mah quizziz

Granted, even if the Quizziz isn't HS-related, there is no mode to chat, nor a mode to communicate with other HSers; the only way to communicate with Forumers with Quizziz or Kahoot is through the Forum.


Kahoolawe and quizzizzes are da best


What kahoots? I mean I like those and everything but waaaaat


why do people mention it on the forum its not really hopscotch related :T i mean you can do it sure im sure its a great website :smiley: but why would you have to mention it on the forum it doesnt really make sense :T


When I play kahoots with other Hopscotchers the question doesn't show so I just press random shapes and hope I win :no_mouth:


The majority of them are actually Quizizzes, and are either Halloween or Hopscotch related. You know that it's alright to be a little off topic once in a while, right?

Well, yeah. They are made for schools... Doesn't mean that we can't make Hopscotch ones though! Hey, at least we are making them Hopscotch related, and not slapping the "I'll code it" reply on it.

Well, we are mentioning it on the forum cause' it's a fun way to make live quizzes with our friends. It's not my fault, and not your's either.

Getting long but, why do you care about being Hopscotch related so much? It's fine that we get off topic every once in a while, but yeah. We do have to be Hopscotch related most of the time. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I mostly just use them for school..


because i thought the hopscotch forum was about hopscotch and so... :T i don't get why some people post topics that are ****COMPLETELY**** unrelated to hopscotch. its fine if its hopscotch related. i have nothing against kahoot or anyone who mentions it on the forum :smiley: but still....


Oh. Are you talking about the "Come and celebrate my love of McDonalds with me!" topics? Yeah, everyone doesn't like those. But you shouldn't go around telling people to say why to every one of them! If you do want to, say it in a kind, formal manner. Not just go "how is this hopscotch related?", go "I don't understand how this is related to Hopscotch. Can you tell me why?" (As you can see, I like using proper grammar a lot)

I know, wasn't trying to go against your opinion. Just saying what I think. I sort of agree with your opinion actually. But you know, I am one of those people who plays Quizizz with everyone...


I'm not trying to be disagreeable to your opinion. I'm trying to keep the community civil as well as we can. i'm not trying to play "police" either, i just don't want unrelated topics clogging up the forum. i'll do as well as i can :smiley: but you are right... i should be a bit kinder. but i still don't get what the deal is with COMPLETELY "come and celebrate my love of mcdonalds with me!" (XD) topics.