What is it? (I just don't get it)


I've been getting some haters... hmmm...

I just want to know:
What do you have against me?

I might have a possible suspension, but what evidence do you have against me?

I don't want a flame war to start so just let things be if someone says something rude.



? None!
Even if you have a few bumps, you're still my fren!


Thanks :)

I just don't know.... I'm curious.


@InquisitiveElephant, I will stop lounging your topic if you tell me who your friend is.


Wha? That's off topic, but okey.


I don't have anything against you-I mean, your so nice!


Why would anyone hate you?
You're kind and helpful Cough cough unlike me


I have told you my opinion on your GT, but let me add that you are kind, humble, helpful, and funny.


You are a pretty nice person, MiNi. I can see that in you. Compared to me, you are quite kind and have a more flexible persona.


we don't know because we are not your haters

those haters are just jealous of you