What is inviting people?


How do I invite people? And what does it mean by inviting people?


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You can look here! :wink:



Ok thanks guys! I will go to the link and check it out!


I think you have to wait until your a member...


Inviting people is just to say, "Hey, look over here!"
I can invite people, I'm not sure about 'Basics' though.


You are right I'm a basic user and I don't have any restrictions like the new user but I can't invite!


Pleas use the set him button there are many topics on this subject


You @ somebody in the box tab thingy and if you think they fit into the topic conversation, you invite them. Hope that helped!


Hey, that's kind of mean. Some are easily offended by that. Maybe you could use a different phrase instead?


Sure sorry


ME ?? What did I do?:sweat:


What does that mean?


Search before you post


I'm sorry! I did but I could not find what I was looking for.....


I'm a member now and I am wondering how to invite!


Never mind I figured it out...