What Is In CGs google docs? A horror story in many parts



Let’s get started shall we?


Let me find something worthy of posting, we want to start off with a Bang


Yay! I have snacks and I’m ready to read


@ilovechickens stop drawing and come contribute


Ho hum, what to begin with?
Lets see what’s new on the menu
We have one of the many Hamilton fan fiction outlines ILC and I did, painfully recent and fresh
Or we have Forest Girl, another 8 year old story never to be finished
We could see the entire script of an episode of a YouTube exclusives by me and my siblings, “An Italian Christmas”
Or perhaps I could post the entire Other World Series @ilovechickens wrote


K why does pending exist


To be bothersome


Yeah ok in like ten hours your gonna get some random thing I just wrote
Well forum I found out that if you log off and then log back on it works

take that evil forum


Trustfalls; 1
Evil forum; 1,000
It’s a start


Stop distracting me I need to post the goods


Except I hope you don’t mean 1,00
Because that is not a number:)


Hey Lexi post the pyrrhia prophecy you have to


You want me to post what


You have to


Oh yay, I found Forest Girl, thanks 8 year old me I love it

I think ILC added the last sentence as a joke to bu.lly me


You really do this topic isn’t the same without it
Please just a few of the best parts


I Did


Now I’m gonna read the whole thing thanks for the entertainment goods


Ykou want me to post. The gotdanged pyrrhia prophecy. On this topic


Tag yourself I’m the menacing Super Elipses that end every paragraph