What is Hour of Code?


Hi everyone!
Does anyone know what Hour of Code is? I know it's over and all, but seriously, what is it?


Please keep on the topic of hopscotch


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Interesting facts but this is the Hopscotch forum made for us to talk about Hopscotch so it's a bit off-topic :wink: You are more than welcome to share those facts in a project though!

Thank you for fixing it and great question— Hour of Code is a program to get more people to try out code, because it's awesome and we need more people with programming skills. Programming tools have tutorials to let people learn some code in an hour, like Hopscotch made some videos for Hour of Code. You can find out more here: https://code.org/learn

Hour of Code Week might be over — it was December 7-13 — but you can of course still do Hour of Code anyway :smile::smile: (last year I did an Hour of Code in March). You can still watch Hopscotch's videos and do some tutorials just for fun :yum:


I have 3 hours of code pretty much every day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so that's 3 years worth, right?


It's we're you code for a hour and you show your school on what you've done


Ya. When will the update be over though?