What is Hopscotchified?



What is Hopscotchified? I keep on seeing people post about it. I dont want to seem dum b or anything. Ive been seeing that its about writing, and Im a writer. So please tell me what it is...


It's the story LotsaPizza, F4LO, Rawrbear, and I are writing


Thanks so much. I thought it was like another app or something. Well, good luck!


Well, some people use it in credits, to say that they got ideas from an app or something, but it was made on Hopscotch by them.


Thanks..... I know what it is now


I'm using a different definition, just trying to help.


When I say "Hopscotchified" I mean that there is something else that already made it, I just also created it in Hopscotch!