Is it some kind of programming language? If it is then what kind of apps we can develop with this langugae. If not then what is it? I Know nothing about it I am curious to know.


Hopscotch is a coding app. I don’t think you can really develop any kinds of apps and send it to the app store…
You can code stuff on it using block code. It’s really simple, but you can make cool things on it.


It is.

We can make lots of types of apps, and once you understand it it’s easy to make even complex apps.

The apps must stay in the app though.


It’s a programming language developed by the Hopscotch team over the past few years. It’s fun. Also, welcome to the forum. Tag me if you need help!


Hopscotch is a block-based coding app designed for kids. https://www.gethopscotch.com


What is the scope of this language in industry level? Is it new language? Also tell me is it better then ASP .NET


It’s a basic code for begginers


No, it’s just an engine for learning to code.


The language Hopscotch is a block-based coding language featuring a super nice and friendly coding environment wit basic blocks and functions like values, tan, sin, cos, arctan and lots of other features. Like others said, you can read more about it on www.gethopscotch.com.


Hopscotch is a coding app that uses Alice


I guess everyone already answered your question. This is Hopscotch…
Hopscotch: Learn to Code by Hopscotch Technologies


it is DEFINITELY NOT ASP .NET. it’s a block-based programming language for beginners, and what you make can go to an online community within the app. It’s kind of like Scratch for mobile. I dont use it much anymore.


IT uses Hopscotch.


they’re unrelated​​​


Alice is the official language