What is Hopscotch?



What is Hopscotch, anyway?

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Hopscotch is a very special place to me! :smile:

Hopscotch is:
- an amazing tool with which I can make anything that I can imagine
- an experiment lab where I can try out new ideas
- an awesome community where I can learn from others

What's Hopscotch to you?


I agree t1, Hopscotch is a special place to me as well! I love Hopscotch because it is a place where you can code your own games(and other things) using your imagination. Anything in your head can appear on your screen with some effort in coding and maybe a little help from another Hopscotcher!


I agree with Madi and T1 hopscotch is where you can Imangine anything you want and create it:grinning::smiley:


Hopscotch is everything to me! I love it so much! I hope I can keep it till I die! I think I'll give my IPad to my daughter or son! I love this app so much!!!! I really hope everyone could meet eachother in a big gathering! You guys should check out my custom color how to! :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_eyes:


Hopscotch is a way to express your imagination! Most other "learn to code" apps just make you complete boring levels with 4 "move" blocks, but in hopscotch you have the freedom to create anything, which is amazing.


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