What is Hopscotch to you?


Mic drop. Mike drop.
Mic drop


This one?



Starts a mic producing company and develops mic specifically made to drop and also builds automatic machines to drop 1,000 mins per second


Buys 3/4 of the mics and drops them all off Burj Khalifa.


Hopscotch is…a block coding app XD
Actually, to me, it’s a place to let your creativity run wild




Hopscotch is a place where you can do lots of things like talking to a really nice community, code, be creative, have fun and much more. It is an amazing place.


a coding app that most people don’t use for coding


darn straight


A place that used to be awesome for friends and coding!


It still is…for some people


Hey guys!
Please stay on topic! I read so many comments just about mikes, mics, and stuff being dropped. I am flagging quite a bit of comments!

Also, please be kind to other people. A lot of you are not taking this seriously and in the process are insulting hopscotchers and forumers. I am also flagging some not-so-nice comments as well.

Thank you to those who are taking this seriously and are coming up with some really awesome, unique, and cool answers! Keep those coming!


hey dude, just a word of advice, none of us are explicitly insulting other hopscotchers. we’re simply stating that we aren’t very big fans of the community in general and were happier with hopscotch at other points in time. flagging ppl that are simply more pessimistic then u is not the way to go lol


Yeah. I really liked going on Hopscotch for coding, but now for me it is meh.


What the heck why is this FLAGGED?!


Well it’s not exactly a nice thing to say…
I didn’t flag it though😉


I’m done
No really


Oh so you flagged it
Add you to my “be fake happy forumer” around list.


Make sure you are following the Community Guidelines! :slight_smile: