What is Hopscotch to you?


Hey guys!
I am sure many of you are confused about the title of this post. But, we should all stop to think about what Hopscotch really is to us.

What is Hopscotch? Please leave what YOU think Hopscotch is in the comments section below…

I think Hopscotch is about the people. It is about meeting with people that have an appreciation for coding, and helping one another with coding. Not everyone SHOWS appreciation for coding, and Hopscotch is that. The appreciation.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section!



Hopscotch is a coding app to me…
Mike drop


You sound like a Youtuber.
Great pun…:clap::clap::clap::clap:


That is not too nice :c
Maybe if you don’t like it justify why so that we know and the hopscotch team know what can be done to make it awesome : D


This is the best answer here.

(Please assume there is a line here)

HS is an app that I used to love. An app that taught me coding.


Thank you… because that is literally what it is…

Picks up mike and drops it again



This is an art form.



Buys another mike and picks up the other one on the floor and drops them at the same time


Please keep doing this.


Wait it is spelled mic not mike…


Supposed to be mic drop gif but I think it broke


Mic drop. Mike drop.
Mic drop


This one?



Starts a mic producing company and develops mic specifically made to drop and also builds automatic machines to drop 1,000 mins per second


Buys 3/4 of the mics and drops them all off Burj Khalifa.


Hopscotch is…a block coding app XD
Actually, to me, it’s a place to let your creativity run wild




Hopscotch is a place where you can do lots of things like talking to a really nice community, code, be creative, have fun and much more. It is an amazing place.


a coding app that most people don’t use for coding


darn straight