What is hopscotch really for?


I've been looking around on people's profiles, and I am starting to see more and more remixes! No one will look at your stuff if your first ten projects are cheesy things like "I won 1,000,000 likes!". Hopscotch is for drawing, music, coding, and other super fun things! Not remixing. Of course it's ok to make someone's projects better, and doing things like drawing contests. The contests like find the different emoji and lotteries are taking over! We have to stop this! (Sorry for the big speech and I don't want to be rude)


Remixing is good because they learn from others


Hopscotch is for coding.


I mean, it's not that difficult. It's a coding app.


True, but what I meant was that we should stop things like find the different emoji and that stuff.


You can't just stop that. People can make it if they want to. They coded it, so it's their project. You're saying to have hundreds of people change what they do. Pretty difficult, huh?

I get you're against remixing. But sometimes, those things exist no matter what you do.


It will be difficult, and you are completely right. It is probably impossible. It is worth a shot though, right? As you said, hopscotch is a coding app.


Hopscotch is just for coding


And music and drawing too. But that is a form of coding if you think about it. (Don't mean to be rude)


I agree. I love to see really well made games and other projects.

But this kind of goes off of an issue we've had on the forum recently. People have been mean to artists, saying that they should stop because it isn't "really coding". A lot of feelings have been hurt because of this. So I think we shouldn't say remixers need to stop, been encourage them to try something new.

Do you remix most of your projects? I have a challenge for you.

Create just a few projects purely coded by you. You can still remix after if you want, but just try. Just try and see how satisfying it is to make your own project. Maybe, just maybe, you'd become a coder and not a remixer :wink:,


Yeah music is coding and drawing is sort of because you code the pad so people can draw


Totally! I agree fully.


I think if we just be nice and let an option to still do it, we'd see a happier community. Just a nice nudge to creating something amazing. I don't know. I just think many people who have just hid behind remixes and rehops could make something really cool.

(lol I'm in my long-paragraph-philosophical-mode XD)


Yeah! It is just an option, and in my opinion, coding in hopscotch is fun! I have made some fun games, and it was fun making them! I would love other hopscotchers to get that feeling.


I think I'll post something in light of this on Hopscotch after I charge my iPad a bit. I think that this could really inspire someone to make something awesome. :wink:


That would be great! I think I will do that too. :smile:


Yeah. I agree. Hopsoctch is for coding. But I used to remix a lot- except I made things better. I changed them up and made it fun for me! I learned. And that way is OK!


I don't think we're all using the term "remix" the same way. A "remix" of a piece of music, for example, used to be a fundamental change to it, but based on its original theme. That still leaves a lot of room for creativity. As with notes on a piano and similar pictures with similar paint, etc., so also with code.

In code, speaking to the "What is hopscotch really for?" question, real remixing is a great way to learn and to share a new twist on a project without having to build the whole project from the ground-up. It could use the same guts, but make the code look and behave totally differently - even better than the original! A real "remix" SHOULD be one in which a person starts with a published project and makes some unique change to it that actually contributes something new to the community. The result of that could truly be something that the second coder can call his or her own. Is it not so? I like that idea.

For this reason, I really, really try to make remixing my projects super-clear and easy for somebody else to do. I put objects with names like "Remix info here" or "Customize here" in my projects. But, you know what? I find that most kids on Hopscotch still won't do it! Not all... but most. I don't know why. It's kinda disappointing. I go to the trouble to make it easy to find the stuff that controls the code, but most kids just re*publish* my original boring version, instead of "remixing* what I've provided. Sometimes, they don't even change the name. Incredible. Hopefully, they will gain more confidence and find a desire to truly remix great projects in the future - maybe not mine, but at least someone else's.


My opinion though, is that EVERYONE needs an equal amount of these things...

Remixing (Yes, I'll tell you why later)
Making their own projects
Liking people's project (Excluding the beggars)
Playing other people's projects
Doing art

Now, the remixing part is because you CAN'T be just doing your own projects all the time...

I mean, don't you get bored making original projects ALL THE TIME?

I just REALISED that, that's why, I started remixing abit, so my channel's content won't be just "originals".

Now, to me, there are a few types of remixing.

  1. Remixing to share
  2. Remixing to show your results (in quizzes)
  3. Remixing to improve
  4. Remixing to comment
  5. Remixing to promote (different than point 1)

For me, I accept point 1,2,3 and 5.

Why not 4?

One person might comment something like, "Nice Job!"but the one receiving the comment, might misunderstand it. Therefore, a fight might break out.

There's many ways to interpret "Nice Job!".

Nice Job:
Good work


Well, you wrecked it!


A wise book once told me the best ideas are stolen.
A wise app once told me "Learn by branching"

I think it's ok that people are doing this for they'll eventually realize that there's a lot of cool code in the projects they're remixing


Okay learn by branching don't beg for likes and remixing is branching so yeah! It's fine! Welcome to the forum!