What is hopscotch hangout?



So I have been womdiring what is hopscotch hangout! Does it share your voice show your face what is it? Please help! @staff @moderators


I don't know @Liza


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Hangouts is a program by Google that allows people with valid gmail addresses to communicate to each other through a variety of ways (they can call, text, video chat, and more stuff I can't remember)

Some Hopscotch members that have a Hopscotch address use this to communicate. It's really nothing to worry about.


Woops :frowning: sorry :sweat_smile: @Huggingfluffybear


Okay two things will it show you and do you speak to people with video chat!


It is fine!!! Don't worry!


Thanks for the explanation


It depends whether you want to or not, for video chat. You can choose to use video chat, or you can choose to text.

I don't really know what you mean by "will it show you"


Good question @Huggingfluffybear!

So i have done this with THT so i know what it means. So basically you use hangouts (you must use a email you own) and you do a video chat. You can choose weather not to have your face show. For THT hangout you'll be able to met the THT. But the main part is that its like talking on the phone with somebody but you can see their face and what not. (i did this with @Liza and @Rodrigo nd they are great and normal people so don't worry!)


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That is what I believe! We can't fix our mistakes exactly, but we can learn from them!


Wait, you can chat with the Hopscotch team any time? AWESOME


I'm going to try to get this on my phone! I can't on my iPad, but once my dad comes home next week I am asking! :smiley: