What is hopscotch becoming?


Oh, why are there so many bullies on hs, why do people say mean things, why do people tease inexperienced coders, what has hs become?


People bully others because they are insurcure about themselves :\

It's hard to stop the bullies ;-; the best thing to do is ignore and report mean projects!


Mm.. Hm.. Still... People r mean


You just gotta have to deal with it.

first Amendment I belive .-.

There jer.ks I belive

I dont really know .-.


I wish i could stop bullies


Just ignore them, its gonna happen like it or not.



Im gunna try..
We cn always hope..




They think that because they are behind a screen it doesn't matter-it does.


I get remixes all the time, saying they made the project

Just ignore and report them, if you want to stop bullying join H.A.B.

(Which btw I'm not in it)




Wish I got that xD


Ik weird.. Prob cause THT wants to out their advertisement up front, meh I'm happy already cause of the

15k plays O__O


Well in my opinion people on hs are very friendly.



Can we do this in another topic? We can make a general topic for ourselves


Yeah, it's really sad to see people being mean, ;-;

The only thing we can do is report their projects, and not bring any attention to them. ;-;


There are always going to be bullies. I have gotten hate remixers a few times telling me I am bad at coding and I want people to think I'm good but I'm actually really awful. I just laugh at it, it doesn't bother me! :joy:


Umm can u go to a general topik? This is kinda only for the topik.. Thx!!!