What is happening?!?


You may think I'm just being a wimp to freak about this, but I'm very overwhelmed by all these quits. If these are a prank, I'm not going to laugh.

I'm just overwhelmed. I feel like hopscotch is corrupting and just turning to a place where they only good times are....times that are fading out of the "newest" section. Fading away from us. All at once. Out of our control. I'm loosing my own self-esteem. Just, what happened?!?

This is no pity, I'm overwhelmed and losing my self-esteem. How do I stay jolly? Please. I don't want to become part of this. Help me.


I did a part time quiting job.


Me too. I was in shock when rawrbear left, but when everyone else did, my feelings changed. I was more than shocked. I was depressed. I was sad. And most of all, angry. Not angry at the people, angry at their actions. Just because one person quit, doesn't mean you have to start a chain reaction. Be stronger than that person, don't quit! Stand up!


How? How am I supposed to stay up when I'm drowning in these topics?!?


I really don't know what's going on. I really love hopscotch and I don't really know what's going on. You should just try to ignore those posts. They are not a prank.


The first step to being happy is smiling.
Do it.
Don't you feel better now? :smile:
Also, no, Hopscotch is not turning into that. You can change it. You can make it better. You have the power.
Keep coding, keep smiling, and together, we can move forward! :grinning::smile::laughing::smiley::thumbsup:


What's bothering you, the LGBT stuff, Bibical stuff, bullying, or something else?


I completely agree. Smile! :smile:

(Time for you to come in @SmileyAlyssa!)

Time for an inspirational quote!
quote time!




I'll be back, sorry in a hurry!


All the quitting stuff.. I can't Handel it. Everyone who made me who I am left the same time. If it was a prank, AGAIN, NOT COOL!!!


Rawrbear is back!! So is CodingCupcake!!! I feel better again. We will always remember this event, and this better not of been a trick!!! When I'm realived, I don't feel like I'll be as angry if were a prank.