What is happening? Wha?


I'm getting weird notifications, such as tags in random topics by random people, and it takes me to a post in that topic that doesn't even mention me.

Another weird notification I keep getting is 'Nice Post' over and over on the same post when it's not getting new likes.



idk. probs sometrolls


That's so weird! :0

  1. Are you sure it's not the OMTL?
  2. That's happened to me before....
  3. That must be a glitch!

@Liza @Rodrigo @asha



Trolls? XD

What do trolls have to do with forum glitches?


That can happen if you have bad service. Then the fourm glitches out


They are trolling you lol


Hmm...try going onto http://meta.discourse.org


THT doesn't fix forum bugs


I think that they delete he post or thought it was someone else.

Maybe the username changed after the tag; which happens sometimes. :c

I have Ben getting some of these too.


Idk maybe tell
THT a leader or mod


Yeah when it says fooddelivery mentioned me (my user) in a post it just says ok or something!


Like this?


That's just weird!!!!??


Its not weird. Wat you do is you tag the person you want, press reply then quickly edit and delete the tag.


Okkkkkkkkky Dokyyyyyyy


Lol i saw that, nice try :joy: i bet 20 characters stuffed you up there


I know!!!!!!!
Ughhhhhhhhhh!! 20 CHARACTERS!!!!!!:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: