What is happening to Hopscotch?



O totally


The people saying hopscotch is dying and just leaving isn’t exactly helping “save” hopscotch. Maybe we should be asking how we can help instead of asking what happened to it.


People are becoming lazy and inconsiderate. It’s like the environment, people are throwing rubbish everywhere. And, no one is throwing nutrients in the soil - the foundations of greatness has crumbled apart.

Really Hopscotchers should have this mindset towards their experience on the app:

  • Want to code well
  • People to appreciate their work
  • Don’t want to be forgotten
  • Want to achieve a goal like featured or game changers.
  • Do not care about likes.

That’s all I care about.

Remixes need to have effort and especially trending must be fixed. Inspirational coders have left… unfortunately. But, the current Hopscotchers should try doing the improvements themselves.

Sometimes I feel that the updates to the editor are a waste of time because no one even goes into there.


Good points!
If you were a member of THT how would you go about trying to get Hopsocthers to follow this mindset?


I would advertise many great projects and inspire them. And also remove remixes completely, and also would fix up trending.


when i didn’t know much about programming, i used hopscotch
now that i know more, i program things not possible in hopscotch

hopscotch can’t really handle complex projects or texturing 3d objects, which i need for a hobby that’s also gotten me out of hopscotch for needing a lot of my time


I also barely use hopscotch as well.

This is mainly because I don’t have the same motivation to code as before. Back then, I felt like the forum and Hopscotch were much closer than before, and many of my idols from back then were from both hopscotch and the forum, and it suddenly became very easy to stay in touch with people’s progress on the forum.

Most of the people who inspired me have vanished, and a very small portion of the app’s community even know that the forum exists.


Hopscotch isn’t necessarily dead, but THT just isn’t really as active.
Personally I don’t think hopscotch is boring.
Some of my friends have left but that doesn’t stop me from coming on here.


Remember when…
Liza or another Hopscotch team member would get super excited about something you made…when MagmaPOP would like your post and you’d freak out…when the community would rally against a hater…when Moderators hosted challenges and events and gave prizes…when clubs and collabs were more common than general topics…when Featured was so difficult to get that people would make topics on how to get noticed and Trending had more original projects than remixes…when being on-topic to Hopscotch was strongly enforced (I freaked out the first time I was flagged for that)…when we solved bugs to figure out this editor…

A very small amount of people have been here since the very beginning of the forum and I’m sure they have a lot more nostalgia than me. I do miss the old forum though. What I do like about the “new” forum:
-Limits on sharing private info (e.g. no emails)
-More categories for forum topics
-Ability to have groups of people (like @.OMTL)

Kinda irony that this topic is surrounded by General Topics in the latest feed right now.


I remember all of that… :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


When did moderators host challenges? That sounds fun but I don’t remember ever knowing about that.


Summer coding contests where you could win a customized tag (like “Regular” tag, except it would say things like “It drives me crazy when people don’t finish their” or something like that)


Read the first few posts on that topic to get an idea of what the forum was like. I miss that although I still see that occasionally.


From my point of view, I’ve only really left Hopscotch because I have school to attend to and I don’t have a lot of time during the week to get on the app on top of homework and all that stuff.

A lot of people have stuff on and once they get really busy, they tend to drift away from things that they were once into, like Hopscotch.


I remember so much of that!!! The only times MagmaPOP liked my projects were when he liked my remix of his plane project saying it should get featured, and once when I made a scrollable website.


It is just a mix of problems. Mainly people are bored and have bad run out of ideas.


I remember all of those times, too :smile: Haha, the new editor was such a big change for me. And when Hopscotch came out on the iPhone? :laughing:


I remember that.

I’m only from December 2015. Not the beginning. I didn’t think about joining it in the beginning. Wait. :thought_balloon: :thinking: huh. That’s new.


I remember the first one.

I started it but never finished.

I got third in the second though.


I have reasons why I’ve kinda left but one of them is, I’m learning to do more code that’s harder, because hopscotch is for your first step and then you continue on

Sorry if this is bad