What is happening to Hopscotch?



I was going through Hopscotch and noticed that there was a problem. A big problem. Hopscotch was very boring to go on, there’s abandoned acounts and the only projects on trending are remixes that don’t have to do with anything!
What happened to Hopscotch? Is it boring to be on? Have all of our/your friends left? Even @Carlique said that everyone has left!

Do you know what happened? Why did you leave Hopscotch or are super inactive? Tell me in comments, and here’s a poll :confused:

Why is Hopscotch dead?

  • My friends are gone!
  • There are no more ideas for projects!
  • I just got tired of it.
  • I don’t know
  • All
  • Other(reply in comments)

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beacause evrything geyts boring after a while


Yeah. I kind of got bored when I looked at it.


I’ve seen this a lot. A lot of the people I follow were leaving. People were saying that hs was dy.ing. But I don’t really know why.


Because a lot of the Hopscotch community is toxic


It seemed that when drawing became really popular, most of the hopscotch community stopped coding completely and got kinda boring.


Im like, done with it.
There is nOTHING to do.
There are some amazing coders and artists still left, but the originals? CG, Serenity, sg3a, CWAB , etc are gone. Ded.


I don’t publish often because I procrastinate too much xD


I’m just too busy to post and pRocRasTiNAtioN


Main reason why Hopscotch sways a lot is because most of us are kids. Interests change, people get busier, we lose affirmation in our skills (if we don’t get featured or we lose a HS friend we don’t want to do Hopscotch anymore), etc.


Nothing is happening to Hopscotch. That’s why it is boring. THT isn’t involved anymore. They used to be so active… They used to be my role models…


Just not many people post often

I’ve been working on projects but they won’t be getting out anytime soon and as @carlique said I don’t know if I’m getting older or if hopscotch is just… Dying…


That is really true. THT always used to post challenges and stuff, but now they don’t.


If the Hopscotch team is really busy working on the app, I feel that moderators should be brought back to do challenges, keep the community positive, etc. Maybe not kid moderators again, but if they can find some adults to volunteer or something, even if they are part time.


Hopscotch is boring, man! It is boring.


Um, if Hopscotch is boring to you, why are you on the Hopscotch forum? XP


So I should only go on Forum if I like Hopsotch



Yeah, that’s what everyone should do. Because it’s the Hopscotch forum, not the chatting forum :P


K go convince everyone
I think your logic is pretty funny


the point of the froum is to talk about code and bugs in hopschotch.