What is happening? Help!


Look the only badge @system has is first emoji!


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I'll look it up...


Look it up where??????


Found it!


Probably because all they do is close topics!
How did they get the emoji badge! Who knows D:


Yes but there is no leader badge!!


He used to have a bunch of badges!!


Look up Syste and go to the bottom and click on the user System then go to badges and click on first emoji then go to the link below.


I'll check


He did? :grimacing:
I'll see if it's happening to me too! Thanks for tagging me :smiley:


I checked, and he only has first emoji for me too!
@Liza @thomas @PopTart0219 @Anonymous what is happening here?


Yes it did and no problem!


System is not meant for actual use, but for opening/closing topics! That's why System has no badges; no one ever needs to use System as an actual user! It even says so in System's bio!


That's not the only thing @system does...


....regulars's abilities are so kewl

there are secrets hidden in this post


System doesn't post except for closing stuff which counts as posting, so that's why the only badge it has is the emoji one.




Yes but if he's not a leader how does it close?


Lol someone found it XD XD XD XD :joy::joy::joy::joy:

and it continues hidden in here