What is going on here


I know I have been acting strange but i think i need a break or just leave. I dont know maybe leaving! but i havent decied so yeah. you will see me around but I might just leave




Pls nu fren ;-;

If u want to tho :D


I havent decied though

I am just not feeling the Sweet i was

i might be crazy

no one likes me


If you're crazy then why's that a problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?


I dont know waht going on with my body

i feel different

I feel done with my life


Nuuuuuu ;-;

Many ppl have left

Pls no


No one even cares about me so why do people care about ME


I think you answered yourself


I found this! xD
I like looking for hidden messages.



I care about u

Everyone cares

Don't feel lonely


what do you mean?

Sings Justin Bieber

Even my jokes are bad


Don't leave.


I make A LOT!

You can find some in pix topic.... in a way


One of my friend plays Hs and is on the forum and he said no one likes you


You didn't use </small>, so my reply is small.
Edit: It was small in the preview, but it's not actually small.


People care because they care about you.



I dun care about wat other ppl think


yup. I hate that .-.

I always forget to use the html thing


They do