What is getting banned for Alt Account?


What does it mean to get banned for it? Can someone help? I got banned for it for about a year and I don’t know why. I hadn’t done anything else offensive, rather than some topics in the wrong category.


Really it just means you were banned before hand, but you made an alt account, and you still act the same way. So then you get banned for having an alt. Account


@HopscotchRemixer has the answer. But you weren’t banned from the forum, right?


I was banned on my old account last year, for alt account, and it was my first account on the forum. It recently became unbanned.


So you didn’t do something bad at all? What was the account? (If you want to tell that.)


I think I accidentally posted some general or random topics in the wrong tag… But that doesn’t explain why I got banned for a year for the wrong thing. I hadn’t got banned before then, and I didn’t have any other accounts.


That’s really weird. Did @t1_hopscotch or someone from THT ban you?


Honestly, I was pretty new to the forum and don’t remember.


Oh, okay. At least you are unbanned now.