What is considered a consecutive day in the forum?


I know a lot of people might not consider this important but I would like to find out.
Does it mean you have to go on the forum everyday?
Come on the forum within the last 24 from your last post?
To simplify,
Come on the forum everyday
Once you have posted, if you don’t come on the forum wishing the next 24 hours after you posted that then it isn’t consecutive?

  • Come on the forum everyday
  • Have 24 hours after your last came on to come on again so it is considered consecutive

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The difference between the two?
Comingeveryday means you could come on at 12:01 AM in the morning and then the next day come on at 11:59 PM, and they would still be considered consecutive.
But compared to…
Let’s say you got on the forum at 12:01 AM and didn’t go on before 12:01 AM the next day. Would this be considered consecutive or not?
Personally I think it is the everyday one but IDK


I come on everyday. When I wake up, go check the forum. bored at school? Check the forum. Tired of doing homework? Check forum. Extra time before gaming? Check forum. Waiting for next round? Check forum. Getting ready for bed? Check forum. Supposedly being in bed? Check forum.


I honestly don’t know how the days work. Sorry! : (


I think if you come on at least once a day you’re pretty consecutive


A consecutive day, by the forum’s standards, is being on the forum earlier than 12 AM one day, and after 12 AM on that new day.


Lol I procrastinate when it comes to homework because I’m on the forum


I mean this thought came up when I was surprised a few days ago when I didn’t get Afficionado, because I thought I had been consecutive for over 100 days. Then I realized maybe it is the second option that I explained


I’m amazing right? I keep up my streak.

It’s like my Battlefront addiction!


Also is there a way to check how many consecutive days you have had on the forum?


I’ve been on here a lot more…REGULAR HERE I COME!!


I don’t know. Maybe. Probably not. You can check ow many days they’ve been on.


I do that ALL THE TIME.

Edit: this was flagged. I’m saying I check the forum while waiting for the next round.
I think someone is going around spam flagging


Lol I just check the forum ALL THE TIME
especially at night now


Okay why were these flagged?!


Oh that makes sense I guess


Ok so I get those were flagged because “off topic” (even though I was relating it too what I said earlier.) but I couldn’t edit them!


Yeah, 8 was responding to a conversation. I get the last one, but the first one, I was saying I get on the forum too between rounds.


I like to skip days lol


LOL! CreationOfANoob is the only one on the other vote.


Yep, same for me. I’m on the forum as mich as I can be.

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