What is Archived?


I was looking at a topic that was rather inaproppriate, and I saw something I had never seen before. Not only was the topic closed, but it was archived. What does that mean?


I've been wondering that too. @staff?


It's kind of like taken out of a book and thrown away. There's no evidence of it being there unless you were there :wink:


Oh! Makes sense! Thanks!


But I was just looking at it.


Also you can not edit the posts in there!


Okay, hour old topic but...

Archived means NO changes can be made! You can't edit, like, post, or do anything that can change the topic! It's like it is frozen.


Basically, archiving is storing a topic deep into a, well archive! It's located inside of an Internet server for forum.gethopscotch.com, and it means that it gets taken out and put somewhere else! It's almost like unlisting a topic! Like @CreativeCoder said,



Thanks everyone!


But you can still flag.