What is all the bad stuff happening in hopscotch about!?


Unfortunately, I have seen Hopscotchers posting personal information, bad words, toilet talk, being mean and inappropriate contact. I am sure others have seen stuff like this. That makes hopscotch an inappropriate place. That makes me feel terrible because hopscotch is one of the apps I use the most. If hopscotchers continue to do this, less people will join hopscotch. And that is bad. So, if you are one of those people, please stop doing this. Including, the hopscotch fourm, still stay safe, and don't personal information, and the other stuff. Example on being mean: I have seen some peoples projects, and this is the worst one I have seen on hopscotch: an old hopscotcher and another hopscotcher posted an amazing project one hopscotcher said it was terrible and the mean guy was kicked off hopscotch!!! It was nonsense!!! Don't be him, be the hopscotcher people will go to if needed. Thanks for reading.

Hopscotch WarsπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

omg @Rockstar4ever I couldn't agree more this needs to stop but I haven't seen projects like this though... I have in the past but not recently


I have seen not a lot. But I have seen some


ok thts good :slightly_smiling: some its better then every single project :wink:


When the collab I have with @TromaxTheDestroyer is finished I don't know if I'll be active in this forum anymore. I noticed the anti social behavior towards me largely increase after others here heard I was 18.
I have friends on this forum who are on Scratch as well. So I'll continue collabs and socializing on Scratch and avoid this forum for a while until the attitudes of ppl here improve.


@SnowGirl_Studios of corse that is better!
I am still of course sad because it is still happening.


It's a shame stuff like this happens @Stradyvarious. I don't see why age makes a difference.


:open_mouth: omg @Stradyvarious that's so not fair! I feel so bad for you! coding on hopscotch is for EVERYONE! Age doesn't matter!


Why would age matter? We are all equal!


All the coders on the hopscotch team are older than me. So if age is a problem some ppl on the forum should ignore and complain about @Liza and @Ian .


Why would you complain about them


You don't know what messages have been said on this forum and in a collab account. I won't bother telling you.


@Stradyvarious just saw the messages on MK38C I feel so bad its so not fair for you but remember
the haters gonna hate hate hate hate


Thanks for showing you care.
Send me a message if you are on. Scratch


whats your user on scratch?
im SnowGirl_Studios


Same name as here. If I'm not following you I will now.


ok if SnowGirl_Studios doesn't work try it with the _ try with a space


I'm now following you.


I will follow you back!


make a diff account on the forum, be anonymous, then nobody will know who the person behind that account is