What is a User Card Badge?


I have a burning question. What is a user card badge? I have on been on here for about 10 days and i am really confuzzled!! Is the user card badge important, or is it not? If anyone knows, please tell me!

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it's not really important


I dont know either!


Ok. But do you know what its used for?


I've never heard of a User card badge...


User card badge?
Do you mean user card background? Or am I missing something? Much confuse. :0


It only really has purpose when you're a mod since it's basically a symbol next to your name


Neither have I...
Could you explain better, @QueenShaeShae?


Oh the shield thing? That's called the user card badge? Oh


No, wait what?? Its on my settibgs and if I scroll down I see user card badge.


Lemme check on Meta though brb


Ohhhh, that thing! I have absolutely no idea what that does. XD


Yeah but as you're not a Mod it won't let you have one anyway so it doesn't matter :wink:


Thanks @KVJ, that helped a lot!!!!!!


No prob? Happy to help? Especially by accident :joy:


a user card badge? thats a thing?


Am i seriously the only one thats noticed it?


Oh wait I need to ask @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman
On meta it's super confusing


I think I saw it a while back and wondered what it was, but I never asked!
You learn something new every day! XD


Mods can I see what you guys have for User Card Badge (screenshot)