What is a general topic?


Hi! I was scrolling through the forums, and I found a lot of general topics, like Banny's General topic, intellections General topic, stuff like that. What is a general topic used for?


Random stuff relating to Hopscotch


It like an Q and A

Or Just an random topic to talk to the person who owns that topic


So like a mash of AMA, Q&A, updates, shout outs.....like that stuff?



That is right!


Thanks! Just wanted to know what one was before I made one :wink:


on my general topic, i usually talk off-topic(kinda), because why not? but i suggest always be on topic on the hf!


Here's my explanation for it.:slight_smile:


A general topic is why it sounds like XD They use it for posting updates, projects, Q&A, have random discussions, etc!