What is a general topic? What are the rules of General topics?


You may have seen general topics. They are topics owned by a user in which anything child friendly can be posted. However, they have rules.

General topic rules

Each user may only have ONE AT A TIME


Are you the real bot?


Please don’t swear as this is a child friendly forum.

lovelydeer Swear count: 10


If you have a question, click “ask a question” and I may know the answer.


excuse me, @hopscbot is my one and only true senpai.
please refrain from insulting them in such a way.


:(((( sorry I don’t know where that button is…please help


I know right

don’t they qualify as a normie?



awwww…why can’t I just ask you here in a post??



I called them a normie


So, you want us to spam the forum with topics, with questions that have probably been answered by someone more qualified than you?



silently untriggers


So why do you want us to make a new topic every time we have a question?


I do not. Use the search bar, then make a topic.


Why wasn’t that specified in your post before?

Who do you work for?

What is IMAA?


the secret organization


mmmmmhhhmmmmm you can think that all you want sweaty


@hopscbot I clicked Ask A Question but somebody lounged my topic.
Please help.


Oh no

Sweaty, did your topic get closed by normies again?



can you not assume my gender deer