What Is A General Topic For?


Why Do People Make General Topics? What Are They For? Does Everyone Have One Here?


Stuff like announcements, q and a, and just stuff thats to small to make separate topics cuz it can clog up the forum


A general topic is basically a mash up of random stuff, like AMA, (Ask Me Anything), Q&A, (Question & Answer), or just random stuff.


A general topic is a place to make announcements and ask for help with projects so you don't have to make a new topic every time! It's basically a way to keep the forum less cluttered with random announcement topics.


A General Topic is For:
- announcements
- Q and A's
- random stuff
- mini conversations
A General Topic is good so you won't have to make a new topic every time you have news or something to say! I have a General Topic, and if it didn't exist, I'd have probably so many topics, which would clutter the forum.


People have general topics so that they can do the following:

  • Talk to other Hopscotchers
  • Do an AMA (ask me anything)
  • Post announcements
  • Get feedback on their games and forum behavior
  • Some random topic


People make general topics because they're a good way to talk about yourself. They're like a personal topic, a topic where you can talk about your projects, your ideas, and things to do with you :D

Most people have one, not everyone, it's sort of a trend XD

You don't have to make one :D


Is It Good To Have One? I Wanted To Know Because I Was Planning On Making One.


Its good to have one.
I know.



-Quick Announcements
-Q&A/AMA/FAQ etc.
-Frens chat
-Conversations with other Forumers

Mai general topik is usually where I chat with mai frens