What is a beta tester?



I have been looking through questions on the forum and one thing that keeps on popping up is something about 'becoming a beta tester. I searched it and no one had made a project on what it is. So, what is a betta tester? Thank you!

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A beta tester is someone who will test the newest updates to a game before it is published. There are hopscotch beta testers, if you want to be a beta tester, email the hopscotch team saying you would like to be a beta tester. Hope this helps!!


Thank you @Hoppertoscotch! That really helped me!


You are welcome! Do you know the hopscotch team email? Do you want to be a beta tester?


@ILoveSmudgey just a tip
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It says your username and profile already OK and yes you can either email them or do the form And a beta tester us someone who test new versions of hopscotch


That's right beta testers test new versions of Hopscotch for any problems before they're released. Thanks @Wow_woman but don't worry about signing your name :smiley: It says on the FAQ that you don't need to since your name is on your profile, but you won't be reported or anything for signing your name.


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We shouldn't be reported for that since it's not hurting anyone. If you do get reported for that, your post will be unhidden by forum staff once they see it's fine so don't worry :smiley: It's okay to sign your name.


@Isaacwotwot hopefully this answers your question! (he wanted hopscotch beta)