What iPad do you use?


Do you use a newer iPad of an older one? I use an iPad mini and an iPad 2


Is that supposed to be a threat?

Edit: I guess this was an April Fools joke then a recycled topic. Ignore this post.

Edit #2: I think I have an iPad air!


I have a Ipad mini and a Ipad Air :D


Okay, well instead of doing it back at him (if you did it back at a bully, you could turn into a bully :open_mouth: ), why don't you simply say, "Ha, ha! That was funny!"? :wink:

I will delete my posts now.


No I did not! And you're not supposed to tell if you flagged a post! I'm trying to be kind and helpful. :wink:


Thank you but can you delete all of your posts please? I'm sorry it's just John CENA is trolling me AGAIN seriously LP


I use an older iPad. I think it is a 3 or 4. Can't remember. It was my Dad's old one before he got the iPad Air, and before he got the iPad Pro.


Wow! I usually use my iPad 2 from 2011, but now I'm using the new Mini iPad.


Lol I am so confused right now xD

returns time turner

(iPad 4)


Thanks! Ugh stupI'd system it's way over 20 characters.


I can't make heads or tails of the first 5 comments, but I'm assuming it was bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an iPad Air, getting an iPad Pro next year


You also have Procreate
Urrrgh it's so hard to type here!


Le censor stopper:


Firstly: bullying does that in the 5 spaces thing!?!




I was testing sorry so never mind sorry about that comment


I have an I pad mini


Ipad mini!


iPad Mini. That's what I've got


So many people have iPad minis. I guess I go into that group!


Pretty sure mines an iPad mini of some sort


Mines actually an iPad mini 2 but whatever