What inspires you to code?


What inspires you to code? Nature and Animals and Art inspires me to code!! I like coding trait art animals and making nature related game!!@BB-Box


first and first!


Well, I get inspired by a lot of things. Other projects, things I see and random stuff for example.


Yeah me too.


Random, easy projects made by other Hopscotchers


Randomness. The iPad saying my name


Brain activity :00000000000101010000010100


Umm.......I don't know.

Depends on what it is...


I am not sure , maybe things I just like !!


I dunno what inspires me to code


my life inspires me


Literally everything you can think of inspires me to Code. Same with writing. X(D


People say I can't do anything right, so I code to prove them wrong, but never show them.


the fact that im cramming absolutely too much in a smol place, and me trying to perfect and make it look pretty. (Cough, RainART, is ultimate... cough...)

aaaaaannd because i laik to code.


A lot of random things inspire me.
And I like coding.
It makes me feel in control. Like I can change everything. And that's not a feeling I get often.


ma brain :000



Mai laif and foooooood inspires meh