What In The World?! Please Read!


Ok, ok, what? Something sooo strange just happened. It's just soo weird..an..and..unexplainable! So here's what happened!
1. I opened the HS Forum to check my notifications.
2. I soon found out, I wasn't even logged in!
3. I was so so worried!
4. I tried to search up on of my topics
5. It showed DreamerGirl there
6. I clicked on me, it showed everything I did!
7. But, it didn't show my settings
8. I clicked log in, and I had to log in again!
9. It said my password was incorrect
10. I clicked "forgot my password"
11. I finally could log in again!
12. It was very shocking, but I did it!
Please @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya, anyone! Tell me what kind of glitch this is! It was very scary for me, and I don't want it to happen to someone else!


I feel like that has happened to me before once. I have no clue what happened, but I assume the glitch has something to do with a server problem. (It's my best guess) (It's not a good guess)


Wow that's weird
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Nope @LazyLizard beat me


I was really scared! I thought, I had to write all my topics again!


Your browser cookies were deleted. Chill out, this isn't a big deal.


It's just wierd for me! Sorry if I sound way too frightened!


i have a setting in safari which deletes your browser history when you close all tabs and i have that on. don't worry it may be because you cleared your browser history


Hmmm,...maybe! But, I only cleared the last hour. Not the whole thing!


It happens to me a lot. I'd ask the Discourse team at http://meta.discourse.org

However, my guess would that it's that you're logged in in different IPs which is kinda glitchy or logging in on different devices or just a forum auto-logout.


I'm still a bit confused on what happened. :grimacing:
Did you choose the "Keep me Logged In?" option when you started? It might've un-did itself, which is probably why you were logged out. :slight_smile:


She was just a bit unsure about what happened.

I don't believe saying "Chill out, it's not a big deal" would sound nice to her. :slight_smile:


That moment when you try to do the 20 character glitch

And fail


We don't control the forum. As I've said before: we run the forum to let you talk about Hopscotch, but we have 0 control over the code. If you want, please contact Discourse.


Ok, thanks everyone for the help! I hope this doesn't happen again!


that happened to me yesterday.