What impact have you made?


There are topics about what impact certain people have made, but this is specifically for everyone. You can tell me what impact you or someone else made!

Have you taught people about math? Has your hopscotch friend made a big impact on you?

Tell me!


First like and first post! I have made a impact on my best friend!


I dunno.
I really dunno.


Awesome! I don't know if I have made a impact on anyone in hopscotch lol


Matchstick, Matchstic! We're is my matchstick?!


I've informed lots of peeps about the world of procrastinating on HS projects and why it is extremely healthy for the mind and soul :,)

lol jk I've made no impact on anythinG


I don't think I've made an impact...


You've made an impact on how people think. You've made people happy with your positivity. You're awesome fren :stuck_out_tongue:


I've impacting myself by pushing myself more on being more social and doing more activities.


I've impacted the forum by being hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Lol idk

I haven't really done anything


I have impacted the forum by helping Disky launch the TV show 'Make Smishy Die... LIVE!'
Wait that's not really an impact... Umm....


Oh! I.... uhhhh....

does anyone know?

Did I impact anyone?


Great topic! Kind of similar to a question on my KVJ asks YOU topic but this is more clear and a whole topic!

Mine: #le_xds and Crajiheit. And #spreadcosine.

That's pretty much it lol


I impacted the forum by making it so that the username "Nerd4Ever" is taken.


Um penguins I guess idk @Pingu


I think @Pingu affected the forum with the power of NOOT NOOT. oh wait you said you didn't name yourself after Pingu.... srry.


Pingu Noot compilations are swag


Hmm... Let me think...

A bunch of How To's on le forum (Including one about becoming featured) and plenty of PSAs...




Mai impact:
More cool art
Less remixes


My impact (I suppose?):

  • Porings
  • Porings
  • Some early art tutorials
  • Porings
  • Hetalia
  • Porings
  • writing ridiculously long essays on projects and expecting people to read them
  • Porings