What if' you can grant 5 wishes



I have mot been up on here for a while (been on hopscotch also thank you @RubyWolf1) so back to the topic if you were able to grant 5 hopscocth wishes what will be you answer.If I were to grant 5 wishes it will be to meet all hopscocther more updates such as recording,charecters.so now i have three wishes,ummmmmm......on hopscotch you can eactly talk to people up there like facecam on phones and i dont no what else..So you decide


Reply if can hoscotcher


Idk, I guess Ill try?

  1. Messaging (Ill post my extremely long list of pros and cons if you need 'em)
  2. Ability to see how much followers, and likes in total
  3. Badges in Hopscotch like on Discourse?
  4. More Sound Options pls pls pl s
  5. Color wheel for art peeps like @OrangeScent1


I don't get it what do you mean?




Omg thank you so much
omg omg omg

You have no idea what I'm talking about, but you've just inspired me, Im not even kidding

An idea just popped into my head


Oh grand, just grand


I can use that

for my rage comic! No pics needed, ASCII art is perfect!! (for the troll face and stuff)

But it might not fit though


Is it another pun? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, read the pop up thingy


Oh sorry it doesn't work on the text object on Hopscotch :frowning:


I saw! But couldn't you just use the [spoiler] tag? :yum:


But you can copy and paste, and @MagmaPOP has found out about the alignment thingy


Always forget that exists


There's copy and paste?!

We need a tutorial! :sweat_smile:


That's sarcasm, right?


1) copy text
2) take out text object
3) paste


I think it would work, because emojitechture fits


Oh, that! facepalms self


@XboxBoy please answer.............