What if we wanted to put on our game on the App Store?


I know my game isn’t perfect but I’m having a hard time wanting to make it perfect knowing only people with Hopscotch can play it.

Maybe I’m thinking about it too much but could a way be developed where if we submitted a game and it was good enough, we could get it submitted to the App Store?

Just like people use Unity to make games and submit them to the App Store, I enjoy using Hopscotch.


Sadly, I think that would bring up copyright issues


@Mr.rex Not copyright issues. But, it would be SUPER hard to do. (Almost impossible)


THT would have to convert the code in the project to a whole new app and probably also another kind of code. It is really hard to do, but it is possible.


It’s hard, yeah. I’ve been unmotivated lately as well, no one looks at my projects. It’s like I’m talking to myself.


haha there are a lot of steps to creating an app

also it being in hopscotch is a little bit… complicated