What if there was a Hopscotch version of Slatch?


On Scratch, there was a rebellion.

It was called “Slatch.”

I was thinking,

What if this happened on Hopscotch?

If you want the full story of Slatch, click here:

First of all, what would it be called?

Second of all, who would the Hopscotch equivalent of Jarquanzela be?


Could you explain what slatch is? Most people can’t use the scratch link because they are using a mobile device.


It was a rebellion against Scratch.




WazzoTV was sick of things that people do on Scratch, so he decided to rebel.


But how? That seems kinda strange like scratch is so popular they won’t care


He made an entire series of animations on Scratch.


So he’s popular? Like how magma pop was big on hopscotch?



He was sick of every comment on his profile being people asking for follow for follow and people asking if he was dead.


im pretty sure slatch was just a big joke


Yeah, it kinda was, but he made a pretty great story out of it.


I would call it Hopstop or something better idk



I like the ring if that lol


This needs to happen (as a joke)